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Guidelines for effective communication between associate clinics and Jobfit 

It is important that associate clinics follow these guidelines, and we appreciate your cooperation to ensure that the candidate experiences no delays in relation to their employment, and clinic staff are able to conduct their work seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Complete all tests requested. Please do not do anything more or other than requested as you will only be paid for tests required.
  • Complete all paperwork sent through at the time of booking (paperwork may be different for each candidate, please call and ask us to resend if paperwork for a particular candidate is not received).
  • Email or fax all results back to Jobfit immediately following an appointment. Please do not wait for a doctor review or determination of suitability as this is conducted by Jobfit doctors before releasing results to the company.
  • Do not wait for results of any tests before faxing information through.
  • Add Jobfit on your pathology forms or referrals to receive copies of all results so that your staff do not have to forward the pathology results. Please request the results to go to Jobfit at the address and fax number provided above.
  • Provide details of any positive responses highlighted by the questionnaire or examination form (injury/illness) i.e. when, what and how did it happen? Time off from work? Treatment? Is it current or resolved? etc.

How can I become a Jobfit associate clinic provider?

As our business grows, we are always looking for associate clinics to partner with. Please use the Contact Us form and provide us with the following information: 

  • Your name and qualifications
  • Your clinic address, telephone and email details
  • What pre-employment medical components your clinic can perform (eg medical, audiometry, spirometry, instant drug and alcohol screening, work fitness assessment)
  • Cost of each component
  • Appointment availability
  • Average turn around time for results

I’m interested in becoming a Jobfit employee

We’re always looking for great health professionals. Please visit our Careers page for more information.