Jobfit are taking action on COVID-19 | Read more

Jobfit are taking action on COVID-19 | Read more

Jobfit Online Payments Terms & Conditions

1. Online Payments is a web facility operated by Jobfit Health Group Pty Ltd (Jobfit) through its website to enable customers to pay their bills.

2. By your use of Online Payments you acknowledge that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions of Use, and agree to be bound by them. The Terms and Conditions constitute a binding legal agreement between you (the customer) and Jobfit as to the use of the Online Payment facility.

General principles and responsibilities

3. A tax invoice is issued by Jobfit for services. Payment in full is required prior to the appointment for all self payers.

4. Online Payments can only be used to pay tax invoices raised by Jobfit for services rendered or to confirm a booking with medical ID provided at the time of booking. Payments may only be made using a current and valid credit card. Jobfit accepts payment by the following credit cards only:
a) Mastercard
b) Visa

5. The customer accepts the following conditions in respect of all payments made in Online Payments:
a) all payments must be in Australian dollars (AUD);
b) the minimum credit card transaction amount is $5.00 and the maximum transaction amount is $10,000.00;
c) the customer must enter a valid tax invoice number or medical ID number issued at the time of booking supplied by Jobfit when making the payment. In case of payment against a medical ID, a tax invoice will be issued and emailed;
d) by providing credit card details to Jobfit, the customer authorises Jobfit to charge the nominated invoiced amount to the nominated credit card;
e) if the customer fails to make payment of an invoiced amount by the due date (whether as a result of incorrectly entering information in Online Payments, a declined payment, or otherwise) the customer may be liable for late payment penalties or interest;
f) fees apply as specified in paragraph 6 below and will be charged against the customer’s nominated credit card at the same time as the invoiced payment;
g) where a payment is declined for any reason, any fees and charges imposed by the customer’s credit card provider are the sole responsibility of the customer and the customer indemnifies Jobfit in respect of any charges it incurs as a result;
h) the customer’s credit card provider may charge a transaction processing or usage fee for the payment of the Jobfit tax invoice which will be charged against the customer’s nominated credit card at the same time as the invoiced payment;
i) Jobfit will not intervene or represent the customer in discussions relating to payment transactions with the customer’s credit card provider, whether or not the transaction was successful or declined for any reason;
j) the customer is responsible for ensuring sufficient funds are available for a successful payment transaction;
k) the customer acknowledges that the payment transaction history is the property of Jobfit;
l) if the customer believes a payment transaction is incorrect or was not processed as entered or is unauthorised, or otherwise disputes the payment made, the customer must advise Jobfit in writing in the first instance setting out reasonable details of the disputed payment; Jobfit must investigate the dispute within a reasonable period;
m) where a dispute exists between the customer and the customer’s credit card provider, Jobfit may provide relevant payment transaction information to the credit card provider or Jobfit ‘ banking institution, without user notification, to assist in resolution of the dispute and the customer agrees to the disclosure of this information for those purposes; and
n) the customer accepts that Jobfit has sole discretion in determining if a transaction is valid or invalid without reservation and further accepts that Jobfit is not responsible for its third party credit card processors, its online payment system and interfaces with associated processors, and bank processing arrangements.

6. Fees
Jobfit charges the following processing fee for each credit card transaction for all on Online Payments:
a) for Mastercard and VISA transactions – 1.5% of the invoiced amount paid.
The above fees are payable in addition to any fees charged by the customer’s credit card issuer/financial institution, which are the responsibility of the customer or owner of the nominated credit card used to pay Online Payments. This includes fees or charges for successful and declined transactions. Processing fees are charged

7. Cancellation Policy
A Cancellation / Did Not Attend Fee will apply where less than 24 hours notice is given prior to the scheduled appointment time. Where full payment has been made prior to the appointment, the difference between full payment and the Did Not Attend Fee will be refunded to the credit card used for the original payment.

8. Refund Policy
Where the customer requests a refund of payments made to Jobfit via Online Payments and Jobfit agrees to refund the monies, the refund less any processing fees will be credited to the credit card used for the original transaction.

9. Security
Online Payments uses high security levels, which are standard for internet banking and large scale e-commerce sites and involve the use of 128-bit encryption. Customers may confirm the security level of a web page by clicking onto the user’s Internet browser’s padlock or key icon. Encryption is the standard way of protecting information as it is transmitted between the user, Jobfit and its third party processors. This involves converting the information into an unreadable code using a “key” (and also decoding it using this “key”).

10. Privacy
Personal information collected through Online Payments includes your credit card details and account information. This information is required to process your tax invoice payments and may be shared for these purposes between Jobfit, credit card providers and financial institutions associated with an online payment processing.
If you wish to request access to any personal information Jobfit has collected about you for the purposes of Online Payments, please contact Jobfit ‘ Billing Team using the contact details provided below.

11. Warranties
While every effort has been made to ensure that information is free from error, Jobfit does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the Online Payments material. All information is subject to change without notice. Jobfit does not warrant that Online Payments will be free from viruses, or that access to Online Payments will be uninterrupted, or that the data transferred through Online Payments is secure and will not be read or monitored by others.

12. Jurisdiction
Online Payments is provided for use by Jobfit customers only. Jobfit makes no representations that Online Payments complies with the laws of any country outside of Australia. If you access this site from outside Australia you do so at your own risk and are responsible for complying with the laws in the place where you use Online Payments. The law applicable to use of Online Payments and disputes arising out of Online Payments is the law of the State of South Australia, Australia.

13. Copyright and trademarks
Copyright in the Online Payments material is owned or licensed by Jobfit.

14. Withdrawal and suspension of service
Online Payments, or your access to it, may be withdrawn or suspended for a period of time for any reason, including, without limitation, the following:
a) if there is an interruption or fault in any applicable computer or telecommunications system;
b) if you breach any of these Terms and Conditions of Use;
c) if you use Online Payments for an inappropriate purpose, including the storage or transmission of inappropriate or offensive material;
d) any applicable web site computer or telecommunications systems are subjected to any virus, unauthorised access, denial-of-service or other malicious attack;
e) for maintenance or security purposes; or
f) if Jobfit no longer wishes to provide an Online Payments facility. Withdrawal of Online Payments facility does not release you of any responsibility to pay outstanding fees, charges or other liabilities incurred prior to the date of the facilities withdrawal.

15. Acceptance and changes to these Terms of Use
You acknowledge and accept that your use of Online Payments indicates your acceptance of these Terms of Use. These Terms and Conditions of Use are the current Online Payments Terms and Conditions of Use and it replaces any other Terms and Conditions of Use for Online Payments published by Jobfit from time to time. Jobfit may at any time vary these Terms and Conditions of Use by publishing the updated Online Payments Terms and Conditions on Use on this web site. By accessing or using Online Payments, you accept that Online Payments has provided you with sufficient notice of the variation.

Customer Helpline
If you have any queries in relation to Online Payments you may contact the Jobfit Billing Team on 1300 61 61 65 (press 6) or

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