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Ensure faster recovery and a quick return to work for injured workers through Jobfit Injury Assist  

Jobfit’s Injury Assist provides prompt and ongoing assistance to help injured workers recover rapidly from work related injury, and supports employers to facilitate a timely return to work. 

Working closely with employers, Jobfit Injury Assist facilitates prompt management of an injury through a specialised national network of clinics and affiliate clinics. Its fast-tracked response ensures an injured worker can recover and return to work more quickly. 

The tailored program delivers best practice in injury management and ensures effective communication between you and your valued employee. 

Reduce the risk of lengthy and complicated WorkCover claims through Jobfit Injury Assist.

Fast-tracked response

A dedicated hotline allows employers to access the Injury Assist program as soon as a workplace injury occurs.

Prompt program admission

The program accepts direct and immediate admission for workers with musculoskeletal and other sub-acute injuries, and accepts other injured workers up to 72 hours following discharge from hospital.

Built in employer qualification process

Ensures there is a database of workplace information at the ready to assist with the return to work.

End-to-end care

A Jobfit Injury Assist coordinator will arrange appointments, identify ongoing injury management requirements, liaise with the employer to notify them of progress and coordinate the required paperwork, and consults with all parties to establish an appropriate return to work.

Assistance at your fingertips

Employers can access the 24/7 Injury Assist Hotline for immediate triage assessment followed by coordination of treatment and ongoing injury management support.

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