Jobfit are taking action on COVID-19 | Read more

Jobfit are taking action on COVID-19 | Read more

Getting Back into Shape After Time Off Work

25 May 2020 | News

We understand how hard it can be getting back into shape after a long time off work. There are many reasons you may not have been at work, or your employees haven’t been able to work – the current COVID-19 crisis being one of them. Taking the step back to re-joining the workforce can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

As a leading occupational health provider, we understand the importance of making sure your employees are in the best possible health when they come back to work.

Flu Shot

One of the most common ailments suffered by the workforce is the flu. Highly contagious, the flu can be spread via invisible droplets from infected persons. It is hard to control and harder to avoid. As the strains of the flu virus change each year, we recommend your staff make sure they are up to date with their flu shot to help them avoid catching this seasonal illness and having to take time off work.

A Healthy Diet

The benefits of a healthy diet are long reaching. A great way for employees to prepare for the return to work is to make sure they are eating a varied and balanced healthy diet. Jobfit suggests incorporating heart-healthy foods such as berries, leafy greens, and avocados. It is important for everyone, regardless of their job role, to make sure they are eating as well as possible and limiting their intake of processed and sugary food.

Water is an essential part of our bodies, so ensuring you drink enough water each day will help your body work to its potential and stay hydrated and in peak condition.

An easier way to incorporate a healthy diet is to plan a meal plan and make a shopping list when you buy your groceries. Put aside a chunk of time to prep meals to help you resist the urge to reach for unhealthier foods at the end of your shift or on lunch breaks.


Spending too much time at home or out of work can lead to a loss in physical stamina. As occupational health specialists, Jobfit understands the role exercise plays in everyone’s daily lives. Our bodies and our mind should be in the best possible condition for a return to work.

Getting back to exercise can be hard after some time. Taking things slowly can be beneficial to help build ongoing, consistent relationships with exercise.

Set yourself sensible exercise goals

Before you get started, it will help if you first check how much exercise is right for you, and see your doctor or allied health professional for a health check if necessary.

Start slowly and build up to an appropriate workout regimen.

You don’t have to love exercise, but finding something you enjoy can help give you the motivation to stick at it.

Don’t be too strict. Building up habits can take time, and you aren’t expected to be loving working out from day one. Occasional slip-ups and days off are not only expected but perfectly normal.

Remember how exercise makes you feel to spur you on to do it instead of relying on will power alone.

Assign someone to help you work out or work out with you to boost your motivation and enjoyment.

Remember, you need to regain your health and fitness levels when you return to work. You can’t change things overnight, but putting a plan into place will help.

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