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Jobfit are taking action on COVID-19 | Read more

Pre-employment Medical Assessments

Pre-employment medical assessments are a workforce risk management tool used to screen individuals for risk factors that may limit their ability to perform a job safely and effectively.

Jobfit offers comprehensive and detailed pre-employment medical examinations, pre-placement and periodic medical assessments. Furthermore, our medical assessments can be tailored to suit your business needs.

In summary, the health and safety of your staff is essential and is key to optimising company productivity.

The Benefits of Conducting Pre-employment Medical Assessments

Specifically, some of the benefits include:

  • A safer working environment,
  • Reduction in workplace injuries,
  • Minimised downtime,
  • Reduction in WorkCover claims and insurance costs,
  • Matching the capacity of the employee with the role, and
  • Overall recruitment cost and risk reduction.

Moreover, an innovative IT system supports our health practitioners. To clarify, Jobfit designed and developed the system specifically for occupational health requirements. Further we ensure timely, accurate and optimal quality in health data management and communications.

In summary, pre-employment medical assessments are conducted to Australian state or territory WorkSafe requirements in WA, SA, NT, QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and TAS.

Components of Pre-employment Medical Examination

  • Height, weight, body mass index (BMI)
  • Cardiovascular examination (heart check, blood pressure, pulse)
  • Full musculoskeletal examination including comprehensive range of movement
  • Central nervous system examination
  • Examination for hernias and other abdominal abnormalities
  • Urinalysis for diabetes or kidney / bladder disorders
  • Respiratory examination
  • Vision assessment including colour blindness

Other Specific Pre-employment Medical Examination Requirements

  • Audiometry (hearing test, including WorkCover WA audio compliance)
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Drug and alcohol testing (instant or laboratory)
  • Work fitness assessments (otherwise known as functional capacity evaluations)
  • MediPass assessments (Gladstone, Queensland)
  • Periodic and exit medical assessments
  • Statutory and code of practice screening
  • Health surveillance screening (including hazardous substance monitoring)

Statutory Medicals Include (But Not Limited to)

In conclusion, Jobfit is highly experienced conducting bulk medical assessments for specific projects. In addition, we can deploy teams to site at short notice if required.

For more information about our pre-employment medical assessments, please contact us.

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