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Jobfit are taking action on COVID-19 | Read more

Executive Health Assessments

Executive health assessments are a comprehensive medical and physical health appraisal for busy executives.

In short, our goal is to identify any potential health and medical issues. Moreover, we provide recommendations or referrals to manage any identified problems.

In summary, an executive health assessment will include an assessment of your lifestyle and a comprehensive medical history questionnaire.

An executive health assessment is comprehensive and comprises:
  • medical and lifestyle history
  • comprehensive physical examination
  • cardiovascular examination
  • respiratory assessment
  • spirometry (lung function testing)
  • audiometry (hearing test)
  • VO2 max fitness test
  • urine analysis
  • fasting cholesterol and lipid profile (blood test)
  • fasting glucose (blood test)
  • full blood count (blood test)
  • blood biochemical analysis (blood test)
  • body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • electrocardiography (ECG)
  • if over 50 and male – prostate specific antigen, a blood test which screens for prostate cancer
  • if over 50 or immediate family history of bowel cancer – faecal occult blood which screens for bowel cancer

Please note: the assessment does not include testicular examination, breast examination, cervical smear tests or rectal examination.

The assessment takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Moreover, a full written report by a Jobfit occupational doctor is provided.

Blood tests should preferably be undertaken prior to your medical assessment, so that you can receive the results of these tests during your consultation with the Jobfit Doctor. If this is not possible, it can certainly be done on the day of your assessment.

Executives will receive a personalised report summarising the relevant information from the examination, test results and recommendations discussed on the day of your assessment. After that, the report will be available within 24 hours of your assessment. On the other hand, it will be available within 48 hours if the blood tests are undertaken on the same day.

Above all, no medical information is sent to your employer.

In conclusion, for more information about our executive health assessments, please contact us.

Executive health assessment information sheet

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